Who is Tommy Good

Get into the mind of the distinctive and supremely talented Welsh artist Godmachine. Read further to hear his musings on Predator, hating drawing and some old fashioned pub wisdom.

Who is Godmachine?
Oh hi, you just found me fixing a go-cart with my ex-landlord Steve. Godmachine started about 2 years ago when someone asked me to design a t-shirt for a shop. I cant use computers so I hand drew it and scanned it in. At the time it was all emo clip art stuff. So I was lucky enough to be at the beginning of the illustration wave that broke on tee design. The name 'godmachine' comes from a few places- one being a band from the 90's I really liked and was one of the first bands I saw live. The rest is from philosophical, scientifical and historical stories etc.

Do you remember the first time you watched Predator?
I have been trying to wrack my brain and I cant remember it at all- I think I remember the feeling of ultimate awe at the gatling gun and all the great lines and the predator itself. The blood the three red dots... jesus i have forgotten what an awesome film it is. I like the sequel too, loved wassisface in that... I think I prefer 2. Is that bad?


What do you love about Predator?
The noises, the fanny on its face, the markings the dreads the weapons the hunter the spaceships... and the green blood!!!

Which character in Predator do you most identify with?
None of them hahaha. I'm not that tough.

A lot of your work revolves around the design of monsters and creatures, was Stan Winston an influence on you?
I have never heard of him... let me google him... ahhh how embarrassing, so he's the guy that made every single monster from every single film I love. Woops. Well I suppose he has influenced me, how could he have not hahaha

You often tweet about films you've recently watched, your blog is filled with movie clips & recommendations, being an avid movie lover how has film influenced your artwork?
I don't really know to be honest. I love the way films make you feel without always thinking. There are so many good films, like books, it can depress me to think how many I will never see and read.


What is the most recent film that has inspired you?
Films don't inspire me at all - my favourite films depress the hell out of me, validate my outlook and make me feel less alone... if I was to be totally honest with you hahaha.

Have you always loved drawing?
I have always hated drawing - but feel I have to do it. This may sound odd but if I could justify it and if I wasn't so damn afraid of death I would sit in front of the TV and waste away.

How did you learn your craft?
I have drawn as far as I can remember, and it came naturally too - I remember being better at drawing at 7 than I am now- I don't know what happened but I am getting worse as I get older. I think artists, real artists would be able to explain why.

Has there been any illustration or artwork that has blown you away recently?
The worst thing about me is that I never learn anyone's name or book mark work. I stare at it for hours then remember that I want to listen to some Unida records, click off it and can spend about a year searching for it again. Honestly I'm terrible, I was the type in school that recorded the new sonic youth album on a tape for you but didn't write down the track listings or even the album name... sorry.


Talk us through the process of building this amazing poster. You get an email saying ‘Predator + Godmachine = Awesome’. What happens next?
As soon as you mentioned predator I had the image roughly in mind. I had recently done an aliens design and kinda wanted to follow suit for obvious reasons. All the boys in the pub agreed that a spine and skull had to feature in there somewhere and maybe some green blood. That's how most processes work - pub chat.

What is the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given as an artist?
Don't hang out on social boards- first they giveth then they taketh away. Also don't concern yourself with anyone else, there will always be someone better than you - you have to be the best at being you. Its an ego filled place - don't take part.


You are heavily involved in your local art community, how important is that to you and what sort of things do you guys get up to?
hahaha we purposely created this stigma as we were and are not at all involved in any art community. We see things that have happened but never knew who or what or how it all happened. So we decided to make up a club, call it 'Cardiff Arts Club' which is C.A.C. which in welsh means 'shit'. Our meetings consist of 3-4 of us meeting up every Wednesday for milkshakes or coffees and calling each other names, then going into town for noodles and more coffee. It really was a load of hype and stigma we created because we were never part of or could even find an art scene in Cardiff. But strange things happened and after a while - I suppose its inevitable - we started doing things, people got involved, the hype became real. At the moment we are trying to organise a live drawing event between me, Mr Gauky and Drew Millward. By the time you all read this it would have happened - depending on how good it went come and check out pics on our blogs. In the past we have drawn on roofs and windows and on awnings but that's about it. Ed the guy in CAC does Designer Violence which is a mag of anonymous submissions that he puts out for free every couple of month which you should all go check out, CAC helps out with that by funding it and reaching out to people... well I say CAC- its ed, danny, robbie and I. Matt and bengeious wear flip flops to meetings. I'm saying no more about that.

Have you got anything in the works or coming up that you want to tell us about?
None at the moment, all the same stuff - boards, tees, album covers, shoes and maybe some watches.

Thanks Godmachine
No problem. Thanks.